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Ten Reasons for Mold Testing

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

1. Visible mold or something smells funny. Possible growth on building materials, furniture or personal belongings is usually evidence that there has been a hidden problem for a while. People often start connecting the dots between their environment and chronic health issues. Odors will be referred to as “musty or damp” 2. Constantly getting sick. Chronic health issues is a major reason we test for mold. Unexplained headaches, runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing, extreme fatigue and upper respiratory infections, especially sinusitis, are just a few of the symptoms associated with mold exposure. Sometimes, one will notice they feel better when they leave the indoor environment and symptoms reappear when they return. This is especially important if we have health issues that cannot be explained. 3. Asthma and allergies. Existing health issues can be exacerbated by mold. Mold exposure can be responsible for chronic respiratory illness like asthma.

4. Children and aging parents. Our concern for those most vulnerable is high on a loved ones list of concerns. Children exposed to mold not only are at risk for asthma, but also learning and behavioral disorders. Studies have also shown that indoor air quality problems can have a greater effect on young ones. Adults breathe about 3,000 gallons of air a day. Children with developing lungs, breath 3x faster. That is almost 10,000 gallons per day. Many suggest mold exposure at an early age could be responsible for developing asthma.

5. Having a baby. Having a baby causes people to be overly cautious and they want to make sure that they do everything to create the best environment for the baby to live in. These concerns are warranted as infants are much more susceptible to getting sick.

6. Buying or selling property. We can’t imagine why anyone would make a home purchase without being assured there is not an expensive renovation looming in the future. Unfortunately, it is fairly easy to cover up serious mold issues for a short period of time with cleaning or painting the affected areas. With our indoor air quality testing, you can’t cover up air problems. Our air testing finds hidden mold. We can also assist sellers in preparing home for sale. More buyers are requesting a mold inspection. Having a lab report showing healthy indoor air quality may prevent unnecessary renegotiating. Remediation is expensive and elevated mold levels can be used as a last minute negotiating tool. 7. Recent water damage/high humidity. Mold is everywhere and only needs moisture and 48 hours for explosive growth to occur. We highly recommend a mold clearance test after drying out and before any reconstruction. This will give you assurance later on and potentially save thousands in “tear out” and legal fees over disputes; a very small price to pay. From my experience, I have learned that many mold issues are caused from high humidity in the home. Often this can be remedied without costly remediation. 8. Old homes. The truth is, even new homes are highly susceptible to mold, but older homes usually have an unknown history. We can uncover and resolve issues that were not taken care of properly. 9. Answers. Third party lab results are your best option for an unbiased approach and accurate answers. Our goal is to help you improve your air quality as simply, safely and cost effective as possible. 10. Peace of mind. As awareness of the danger of mold increases, people are asking more questions. Often they are questioning unresolved health issues for one or more family members. Even if elevated levels of mold are not found, we always find ways to help educate and prevent problems in the future.

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