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Della Mauck

Florida State Certified Mold Assessor

Owner of Indoor Environmental Solutions, Inc

I was born in Seattle where my father was an aeronautical engineer for Boeing at the time. When I was 10 years old, he decided to give up his career at Boeing to become a preacher. This brought us to Tampa Bay and I've been here ever since.


I learned the value of hard work and independence at a young age. I was an accomplished athlete in high school, but eventually began suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and chemical sensitives in college. During my early adult years, I worked in a high rise in downtown Tampa and had a severe reaction to the air quality in the office. This peaked my interested in the field of indoor air quality. My father and I started a business called Indoor Environmental Solutions, Inc in 1998 and so began my career in indoor air quality. 

In 2007, the advent of the Information Age, I realized clients needed help sifting through the chaff of unrealiable, product driven science. To solve this, I created the Certified Environmental Educator course, which teaches the science behind modern IAQ technology.

I can relate to my clients' struggles because I've been there myself. I'm passionate about following through with my clients until their problems are solved, which is why my business is solution-based, not information only.


In 2019, I remarried my now husband Tony, who is minister in Houston. This has given me the opportunity to serve both the Tampa and Houston area markets.

My husband and I are happily married with six children and four grandchildren. Tony enjoys teaching me golf and tennis while he suffers through my kettlebell training ;) We love spending time together and with our family while helping others live a healthier life as well.

NORMI™ trainer for state licensing

Florida State Certified Mold Assessor #2285 (MRSA)

NAMM Certified Moisture Inspector

Della is certified in the following disciplines of Indoor Air Quality:

NORMI™ Certified Advanced IAQ Assessor (CAIA)

NORMI ™ Certified Mold Assessor (CMA)

NORMI ™ Certified Environmental Educator (CEE)

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