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Will your air purification products kill the COVID-19 virus?

Using our air purification products will help reduce the amount of viruses and other indoor pollutants by keeping your air and surfaces clean and sanitized. However, the FTC has made it very clear that, at this time, no person or company can make any claim of any kind specific to COVID-19.

 We have white study papers available. Contact me and I can provide reports to you for review   Our technology has been used successfully for many years to destroy virus, mold and germs.

How long before I get results?

Your test kit will ship via Fed Ex 2-day shipping. Once samples are taken, they are mailed to the lab. One sample requires plating to petri dish and incubation. From the time you order test kit to lab results, expect 7-10 days.

I see black mold! What should I do?

We are sorry to hear you see mold in your home, but there is good news! Black mold is not always toxic.  The toxic mold Stachybotrus is commonly referred to as “black mold”; however, black mold is often not toxic and likewise toxic mold may not be black.  The color of the mold is dependent on the food source.   Having said that, the only way to know if you have Stachybotrus is to have it tested at a lab.

Does this test for toxic mold?

We are continually learning about toxic mold and secondary metabolites.  The most important thing to understand is, if you are sensitive to a common mold, then it is toxic to you.  There is no one test that can test for all toxic mold.  We follow NORMI™ Professional Practice guidelines which have zero tolerance for the any presence of the following molds: Stachybotrys, Chaetomium, Thrichoderma, Fusarium and Memnoniella.

How do I take samples?

There are good directions in the kit, plus I will walk through the process with you by phone.

Do you recommend this for buying or selling my home?

Buying a home?  When buying a home, we know to diligently review structural, electrical and plumbing components of a home before you buy.  This way, any issues uncovered can be corrected by the owner or within the purchase agreement. 

But how do you determine if the indoor air quality of the home will jeopardize the health of you and your family?  Mold growth can be present inside the home and hidden behind walls or underneath flooring.  This low cost assessment can find potential hidden issues with a home and protect your future investment.

Selling a home?  If you are selling a home, it is wise to have a pre-inspection done to make sure no hidden issues will present themselves when a buyer has made an offer to buy your home.

NOTE:  Air pump is provided for sample and must be returned with 14 days to avoid charges.  Home owner is responsible for shipping fee to return pump.

How do you test for hidden mold?

Actively growing mold produces chemicals called MVOCs.  These can be measured in parts per billion and will be present even if the mold is under carpet or behind a wall.

What should I do if I find toxic mold?

We follow NORMI™ Professional Practices with has zero tolerance for the following target molds: :Stachybotrys, Chaetomium, Thrichoderma, Fusarium and Memnoniella.  If these mold are present, we will recommend remediation.  The good news is that we are a “test only” company.  We do not remediate and Florida law is strict, in that we cannot financially benefit through kickbacks from the recommendation.

Is it ok to bypass the testing and just get an air purifier?

Absolutely!   I worked with hundreds of homeowners and businesses to clean their environment before this testing became available. 

Still have questions? Please contact me here.

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