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Five Deadly DIY Myths

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

1. Save money by being your own remediator.

It is sometimes safe to DIY but you should know what kind of mold your dealing with and how to remediate safely. For instructions to do your own work go here.

2. Use bleach to kill mold.

Read my article on bleach here.

3. Ignore it. It will go away.

It may go dormant, but dormant mold can still be toxic Mold does not go away. It must be cleaned and removed

4. Have your ducts cleaned.

This is a touchy subject because good duct cleaners do exist, but for the time being know that it can make your home more toxic. The HVAC system is the lungs of the home and it needs to be addressed. However, some homes have become uninhabitable from chemicals introduced into the ducts. If you choose duct cleaning, hire someone who is NADCA certified only. I give detailed options in my consults.

5. Hire your brother-in-law…

Did I just say that?!

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